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LSR injection moulding (LIM)

ZORGE is a specialist in liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection moulding, also known as liquid injection moulding (LIM). We have many years of LSR injection moulding experience. This technique provides particularly ingenious alternatives to making components from solid silicone.

Higher productivity & more design options
Our LSR injection-moulding processes are fully automated, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality and consistency imaginable. LSR is known for its rapid cross-linking properties, which leads to shorter cycle times, higher productivity and reduced unit price, as compared to traditional silicon rubber production techniques. Another important characteristic is its very high flow-path-to-thickness ratio, which allows very small or high-precision components to be made with extremely thin walls.

2K LSR injection moulding
It's even possible to use 2K techniques in combination with LSR injection moulding. This involves either coating a plastic component with LSR in a single operation using a rotational-moulding technique, or in two steps where the plastic component is over moulded with LSR.

Modular moulding
ZORGE often uses modular mould techniques in combination with interchangeable cold runners. Because our cold runners aren't included in the cost of making your moulds, you can cut your costs considerably. Our techniques also provide greater flexibility in terms of design, prototyping and ramp-up.

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