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Injection moulding techniques

Our fully automated injection-moulding equipment and processes guarantee the highest possible levels of quality and repeatability imaginable for all your precision components.

TPE & polymers
ZORGE works with thermoplastic elastomers (TPS, TPO, TPU and TPV), technical engineering-grade polymers (PA, PBT, PEEK, PP and PPS) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR). We've devised ingenious solutions for both small and large batch runs, which use state-of-the-art modular moulding techniques.

2K injection moulding
2K injection moulding (2-shot injection moulding) is a technique used to produce parts from two materials in a single or two successive operations.

ZORGE has the expertise and experience to supply value-added products, e.g. chemically bonded components, bonded plastic-TPE and bonded plastic-LSR.

2K Moulding techniques provide designers with far greater freedom and far more options to simplify component assembly and the combination of different materials. There are also numerous cost savings to be gained from using these techniques in terms of production, logistics and assembly.


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Our materials with product examples and details about our production techniques

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