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Production techniques with product examples and details about our materials

Rubber moulding techniques

Our company has decades of experience manufacturing thermoset rubber and silicone components. Nowadays, these are produced at our Hungarian, German and Asian facilities.

We're not only rubber-moulding experts, we also have extensive knowledge and expertise in rubber-on-metal and rubber-on-plastic overmoulding. We even have solutions for high-precision, small-scale rubber-metal components.

Ultramodern machinery
Our production facilities have ultramodern compression moulding (CM/ICM), transfer moulding (TM/ITM) and injection moulding (IM) presses, which can exert closing forces between 27 and 450 tons.

We design, develop and build our own injection moulds incorporating advanced cold runner systems. These ensure minimal material wastage during production and reduced production costs.

Our production facilities use a variety of techniques for preparing, treating and finishing components, including sandblasting, cryogenic deflashing, cleaning, post-curing and coating.

We monitor quality levels continuously throughout the entire production process by means of statistical process control (SPC) and final inspections. We've also adopted the most advanced methods and means available to guarantee and even improve quality levels still further.

Years of experience in our field allow us to remain flexible and agile in terms of construction, turnarounds and tooling costs at each stage of the process from design to mass production.


Our materials with product examples and details about our production techniques

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