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Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting is a technique that we use to produce components quickly and easily from sheet material without the need for tooling, as is the case for die-cutting or punching. Whereas laser or plasma cutting generate a great deal of heat, waterjet cutting generates none. This means that material properties remain unaltered, causing zero thermal stress. We have 25 years of waterjet cutting experience using a wide range of different materials.

Water & abrasive mixes
Our waterjet cutting centre is equipped with machines for water-only and water-abrasive cutting.

We use pure water to cut soft materials such as rubber, cellular rubber, foams and gasket materials, and abrasives for hard materials such as ceramics, composites and metals (aluminium, brass, stainless steel, steel and titanium).

Productivity & efficiency
We've fitted our cutting tables with multiple nozzles and handling tables to be as cost-effective as possible. Within certain constraints and tolerance limits, it's even possible to cut multiple layers simultaneously. To utilize material as efficiently as possible, we use special-purpose nesting programs to prepare each job.

In addition to the materials we hold in stock, we can also handle virtually any material that you may wish to supply yourselves.

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Our materials with product examples and details about our production techniques

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