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Rubber compounds

ZORGE works with a wide range of different rubber elastomers. We even have experience working with ACM, AEM, CSM, FPM, FFPM and FVMQ compounds, in addition to more commonly used EPDM, HBR, HNBR, SBR, CR (neoprene), IIR and VMQ compounds.

We process thermoset rubbers at our production facilities in Germany and Hungary, where we have a great deal of technical expertise and experience working with rubber.

Custom recipes
We develop, test and even accredit custom compounds, using formulas that comply with the relevant standards in their respective fields of use. For example in automotive applications,  heating systems (EN 549), 

flue gas ducts (EN 14241), drinking water (KIWA, BS, WRAS, FDA) and foodstuffs (FDA, BfR, EN 1935). To help comply with these standards, we work very closely with certified and authorised compounders and laboratories.

Besides rubber compounds, we also work with a variety of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) at our Dutch injection-moulding facility.

We only source those certified compounds and raw materials that comply with all relevant European directives (REACH, RoHS). For automotive work, we also register all products and materials used in the International Material Data System (IDMS).


Production techniques with product examples and details about our materials


Our materials with product examples and details about our production techniques

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