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Micro bonded parts

Micro bonded parts are extremely small rubber-metal parts with tolerances in micro range. Our alliance partner HOFFMANN in Germany has specialized in these techniques.

The manufacturing of rubber-metal or rubber-plastic bonded micro parts requires extensive knowledge of and experience in moulding processes and mould making on micro scale. In many micro bonded parts the rubber share is less than 100 mg, and is an extremely thin rubber layer of only 0.2 mm thickness injected, having an absolute even sealing surface.

The making of such parts implies optimal preparation of metal or plastic parts, controlling injection shot volumes of a few milligrams of rubber with a repeatability of less than 0.05 gram and a state-of-art tooling technology with high accuracy.

The applied tolerances for micro bonded parts exceed the most accurate DIN ISO 3302-1 M1 class for rubber mouldings and even exceed the tolerance standard ISO 2768-1 for metal parts.

The micro bonding technology is used for parts in different types of high accuracy valves such as flow regulator valves, proportional valves, magnetic valves, solenoid-operated valves and other types of valves.

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