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LSR moulded parts

At our Dutch production facilities, we use state-of-the-art injection-moulding techniques to make high-precision, thin-wall components from LSR (liquid silicone rubber) with minimal shot volumes and to close tolerances.

These techniques are ideal for large-scale manufacturing runs where high precision and repeatability are critical. Alternatively, we can also offer you solid silicone (HTV, VMQ) production techniques from our production facilities in Hungary or from Asia.

Our precision silicone component range includes closure caps, protective caps, metering valves, duckbill valves, membranes, ribbed seals or lip seals, step valves, membrane switches, non-return valves, vibration dampers, suction cups and much, much more.

But we produce more than just single-material components, we also produce components combining silicone and polymer (two-component injection moulding) or silicone and metal (rubber overmoulding).

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