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Rubber moulded parts

Rubber moulding forms the basis of our operations. ZORGE specialises in the manufacture of custom rubber moulded parts using a variety of elastomers and rubber compounds.

We're able to deliver components in virtually any size, complexity or batch quantity size, thanks to our extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of production technology and materials sciences, combined with a comprehensive range of machinery at our production facilities.

From small-scale precision components to large-volume assembly parts in compliance with DIN ISO 3302 1 standards. From prototyping and sampling through pilot batches and mass production. And we supply more than just rubber. We also combine rubber with metals and plastics to create solutions that satisfy virtually any requirement you may have.

Likewise, our rubber moulding range includes more than just seals. It also includes dust boots, bellows, protective covers, connector sleeves, dampers, caps, membranes, diaphragms, non-return valves, grommets, glands, valves and suction cups.

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