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TPE & thermoplastics

ZORGE manufactures components from thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) and technical engineering-grade polymers (thermoplastics).

Rubber alternative
TPEs are polymers with rubber-like, elastic properties, which often provide an interesting and sometimes cheaper alternative to standard rubber compounds. Whereas rubber polymers form permanent cross-links during vulcanisation, TPEs form cross-links that break down on reheating and reform on cooling (reversible).

TPEs are low density, easily recyclable and ideal for automated injection-moulding techniques. As with many polymers, TPE transfer pulls can be reintroduced directly into the production process. We use TPEs for two-component injection moulding in combination with thermoplastics including PA, PPS and PBT.

ZORGE has experience with various types of TPE including TPE V (PP/EPDM and PP/NBR), TPE U (TPU) and TPE S (SEBS). We use TPE to produce a wide range of items including cable bushings, vibration dampers, seals and protective sleeves for connector seals. In thermplastics we process nylons, PP, PBT, PPS and PEEK for numerous parts.

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