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Liquid silicone rubber (LSR)

LSR is a liquid, two-component silicone with properties similar to regular silicone (VMQ, HCR). It provides unique options thanks to its unusual material properties and processing characteristics. ZORGE has over twenty-five years of LSR experience.

We use fully automated injection-moulding technology to process LSR for use to temperatures up to 230 C. LSR components are widely used in the automotive industry (high precision and repeatability), heating systems (temperature range), packaging, and medical products and equipment (hygiene).

Freedom of design
LSR's high flow-path-to-thickness ratio offers designers far greater freedom and a wider range of possibilities than solid silicone. Highly miniaturised and ultra-high precision components can also be made from LSR. LSR is also suitable for two-component injection moulding.

This involves chemically bonding a silicone coating around plastic components (PA, PBT, PPS) in a single operation without the need to apply a bonding agent or to pretreat in any special way.

Types of LSR
Besides regular grade LSR with hardnesses between 30 and 80 Sh (A), LSRs are also available with other special properties:

  • hygiene: suitable for making components that come into contact with drinking water, food or beverages (FDA, BfR)
  • oil resistance: used for components that come into contact with hydrocarbons, often at high temperatures
  • oil sealing: used for assembly components
  • electrical insulating or conductive: used in electrical and electronic systems
  • high transparency: used in lighting systems as lenses or optical conductors
  • sterility: used for medical parts (ISO 10993, USP Class VI)
  • self-bonding: used for two-component manufacture

Types of LSR are also available with combinations of these properties.

Case studies

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