Technology days at HELLA

In June ZORGE and HOFMANN organized two technology days at the Romanian site of the HELLA Group, a leading manufacturer in the automotive industry of electronics, lighting systems and aftermarket parts. During this technology event, which was enthousiastically attended by approximately 50 HELLA employers from different area’s, information and knowledge was exchanged about elastomers, processing techniques and application area’s.



Standard parts

Our product range has been extended with standardized rubber parts. Next to custom specified rubber parts we now can offer an extensive range of bonded seals, rubber-metal buffers, gamma-rings, V-rings, O-rings and X-rings.

Standard parts are only offered upon enquiry. Please inquire about our possibilities for more information.



Production rubber moulding expanded

Recently ZORGE expanded its production capacity in the Hungarian facility in order to meet the growing demands on rubber parts. A new production hall was taken into operation in October, while the machine capacity was expanded with two injection moulding machines with closing forces of 4000kN. Also investments were made in facilities for assembly of (rubber) parts. With this, the company strengthens its position in the Central European OEM market and continues on its gained experience and knowledge in cold runner technology, mould construction and production automation.



Dutch-German rubber alliance

ZORGE and German-based Hoffmann GmbH, located in Kirchheim unter Teck, have joined forces to form a formidable alliance. These two specialist, family-run businesses – with production facilities in Germany, Hungary and the Netherlands – will now be working together to manufacture precision rubber components. In addition to rubber moulding, HOFFMANN also specialises in the manufacture of high-grade, high-precision, composite rubber-metal and rubber-plastic components. The two companies complement each other perfectly in terms of their markets and production techniques. The strategic alliance was formed in March 2016 and announced at a joint company presentation given by directors Jochen Kugler, Dino Zorge and Dr Andreas Hoffman (from left to right in the photo).

Download the press release announcing our strategic alliance.



10 PPM Supplier achievement

For the 8th consecutive year ZORGE has prolonged its supplier status over 2015 at PACCAR. In contrary to prior years PACCAR has enhanced the demands in 2015 from 50 to 10 PPM.

PACCAR is a global market leader in the truck industry and manufactures trucks under the brands  Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF Trucks. Each year PACCAR grants the "10 PPM Quality Achievement award" to a select group of suppliers that comply with the 10 PPM standards. One of the criteria amongst these standards require maintaining a non-conforming parts (NCP) rate of less than 10 PPM (parts per million).