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LSR Non-return valves in drain traps

Liquid injection moulding (LIM), the moulding of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) offers fully automated manufacturing of silicone parts without any material loss and without any afterworks.

Thanks to the high flow rate – wall thickness ratio of LSR material, a high accuracy and very thin wall thicknesses can be achieved during injection.

As in the case with these non return valves, applied in waterless urinal systems from Whiffaway. Huge flush water savings can be accomplished thanks to these valves.

Products can have a wall thickness that reduces to 0,2 mm at its edges – virtually only achievable using fully automated LSR injection-moulding techniques. The valve opens itself at the slightest fluid pressure and closes itself completely afterwards.

These valves also can be made as 2-component part in which the LSR is moulded directly on a thermoplastic carrier.

We would like to convince you about the advantages of LSR products made with high accuracies, short cycle times and high productivity.