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Rolling diaphragm in drinking mugs

For a renowned Dutch manufacturer of thermoplastic consumer products Zorge produces silicone rolling diaphragms that are used in drinking mugs. These parts function as closure. The switching behaviour of the membrane important for the opening and closure of the mouth piece.

These kind of parts demand a number of important requirements. In the first place the material must withstand mechanical and dynamic stress. Also the material must be resistance to dishwashing, resistant to different types of media and especially comply to demands regarding safety with food contact. For a good sealing function, accuracy in dimensions, gradient wall thickness and symmetry in roundness is very important.

Because of these requirements, the membrane parts are produced with LIM-technology from a food contact compliant LSR silicone material. After moulding the parts are post-cured in order to comply to all international standards regarding food safety (f.e. EC 1935/2004). The manufacturing is automated without any manual pre- or post-treatments to the parts.