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Microbonded parts for solenoid valves

ZORGE-HOFFMANN offers customized solutions in micro bonded parts applied in fluid control technology, among which are parts in flipper solenoid valves.

Solenoid valves are used in analytical and medical diagnostics, the printing industry for inks, aviation industry, fuel cells, microfluidics as well as in water treatment.

Solenoid valves are characterized by the seperation of the operation mechanisme from the medium. Therefore these types of valves are used in applications where no contamination may occur or high resistance is required against aggressive media and where the medium may only come in contact with inert materials.

Solenoid valves contain a sealing carrier (a microbonded part from stainless steel with rubber seal), a membran and a bearing seal. All are microbonded parts from rubber.

Our partner Hoffmann GmbH in Germany has specialized in microbondedd parts. The special developed elastomer compounds (EPDM, NBR, FPM, FFPM) for these application are FDA- (Bfr-) and UL94 V0 approvable. All parts are made within a tolerance range between +/- 0.025 and +/- 0.05 mm, comply to a surface roughness of Rmax4 and contain maximum 0.05 mm of fleece. Special modulair developed and built toolings enable the manufacturing of sealing carriers for multiple variants of 2/2 and 3/2 way valves.