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2K injection moulding LSR

2-Component (multishot) injection moulding with liquid silicone rubber (LSR) offers unique and new possibilities for parts built from a combination of a hard thermoplastic with soft silicone part.

New design possibilities, more efficient process control, simplified logistics are just a few of the many advantages 2C LSR moulding has to offer.

The left sided membrane part consists of two PBT thermoplastic carriers with a silicone membrane. The 2-component injection moulding is accomplished with a turn table. First the plastic part is moulded and successively overmoulded with a LSR silicone membrane. The production process is completely automated without any pre- or post treatment.

The right sided part is a silicone non-return valve with seal moulded to a nylon tube. The C+C moulding consists of two consecutive moulding operations. First the tube is moulded and then inserted into a second mould where the tube is overmouled with LSR silicone.

Thanks to special adhesion properties of the LSR, the membrane is chemically bonded to the plastic part without any primer or plasma pre-treatment needed.

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