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Seals & gaskets

ZORGE manufactures a large range of different types of seals and gaskets for a wide variety of applications. All parts are manufacatured according to customer specifications.

We produce our custom seals from thermoplastic and rubber elastomers (EPDM, FKM, HNBR, LSR, NBR, neoprene and silicone), and cut various non-metallic, semi-metallic and metallic sheet materials to produce Select a Seal®, exhaust pipe, heat exchanger and other gaskets, as well as items such as washers.

Specific examples of gasket materials include rubber, CSF, cork rubber, cellular rubber, graphite, amide-graphite, mica, PTFE, graphite/fibre-reinforced composites, fibre, paper, rubber-coated metals, solid metals, and many other materials in combination with an array of finishing options including self-adhesive layers, flanged rims, fixing bushes, corrugation, dovetailing, coating and silkscreen printing.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise combined with a wide range of production options are our guarantee for the best possible results.

Our product range in formed seals include for example: rubber seals, TPE seals and silicone seals. In gaskets we supply for example: cork rubber gaskets, metal gaskets, rubber coated metal gaskets, cellular rubber gaskets, graphite gaskets, select-a-seal gaskets, paper gaskets, exhaust gaskets, fiber gaskets, heat exchange gaskets and more.

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